Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Elient 16-17 - First Taste of Real Combat

Early in the morning of the 16th we proceeded to the stables to gather the horses we would need for our journey. That bloody drunk, Gordon Bren, gave us a hard time. I had to remind him of his place, and also remind him of my place as one of noble birth and his superior.

Traveling to Waterdeep we passed through Red Larch where I purchased some more crumblecakes for the road. We continued into the early evening when we decided to camp for the night. We established a watch order, permitting me to have first watch - which was my preference. Now I can say my prayers to Torm in the evening as is proper, and can enjoy the sunsets and the twilight which I so enjoy. My fondest memories are of playing with my older brother late on summer evenings, with the night slowly creeping in...where suddenly you realize it has shifted from sunlight to twilight, yet so gradual was the change you didn't even notice. Also, having the first watch means I don't have to get up activity I dislike.

We continued our journey on the 17th, and south of Red Larch and north of a small hamlet called Oakhurst, we found a merchant and a young man beset by bandits. Dispensing the bandits was dicey business, but successful. I discovered three things during this battle. First, that I do indeed posses courage. I did not shrink in the face of danger, and I executed a decent plan of attack that resulted in our victory. Second, that there is more to Vera than first appears. The sword seemed to do more damage than I thought possible, even for a masterwork weapon. I am going to have to keep my eyes on Vera. And third, that our Ranger is useless in the forest. He kept going on about how he is some type of "urban ranger" and "once we get to Waterdeep we'll see". Didn't keep him from getting his pocket picked in Red Larch. He is good companionship on the road, and with my brother missing and my father ill I need friends. But I am wondering if he is a little touched in the head.

Anyway, this is how we met Doc Floyd and Talin Frey. Thanking his rescue, the merchant offered each of us a Doc Floyd tonic – he looked a little crazy so we all declined (although later I went and got one once I learned that Aramil - while his spellcount per day is low - doespossess the spell identify. Talin offered his services during my travel to Waterdeep, and seeing that there is safety in numbers on the road, I accepted.

Once friendships were completed we arrived at Oakhurst and checked into the Ol’ Boar Inn. I also reported the bandits to the local officials. I was surprised at my lack of wisdom in not looking for moridentifyingng markings on the bandits that I could report to thconstablele. I was humbled by her greater knowledge and experience. I must take greater care in the future to be a credit to the Einen name.

Anyway, I was woken during the night by a woman who owns the local merchant business (Kerowyn Hucrele). She claimed her son and daughter went missing in the old ruins a days journey southeast down the old road. They were not young imps, but grown adventurers, so exploring old ruins that everyone else in town says to leave alone seemed pretty stupid to me, and I told her so. But I also accepted the quest, as Torm teaches that we must help the downtrodden and needy.


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