Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day Zero - Found some help

Where do I even begin? Due to turmoil in my life thanks to my older brother, I was forced out upon the road to seek a method to restore my family's wealth and honor. After many days of dark dispair while traveling, I happened upon a half-orc woodland ranger and a female human barbarian in the woods near to an inn I was seeking. I heard them argue for leagues and after following them for a short time I realized they were not a danger and so I presented myself to them and pointed out how they were both in error. They accepted my help (somewhat reluctantly) but they gained the inn that day and I gained two big-folk protectors. The half-orc was impressed I speak Orc, and the human was impressed I could use words of more than two syllables.

Later that evening at the inn, we encountered a halfling scout (I think we all know what "scout" is code for) and a half-elf cleric. I impressed the halfling with my command of his language and I impressed the half-elf with my command of the elven language. Who know my mastery of languages for the weaker races would come in so handy?

As we were all heading in the same general direction, we decided to travel together starting tomorrow morning. A leader for our little band has not yet emerged from the rifraff I now travel with, but I'm sure someone will be asserting himself (or herself!) soon.

I'm just glad I have a comfortable bed on which to sleep after so many days on the road.

New campaign

We are starting a new campaign for the next couple of months. I'm running a Gnome Illusionist named "Rusty" so I'll be using this blog as his journal. I'm not sure if we will ever get back to Felix.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Not my Main Blog

This is not my main blog. Captain's Log is my main blog.

This blog was set up for a D&D campaign that has been in hiatus for some time. Please visit my main blog.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I stopped running the games for a short time and Rick was running them. I was playing a character named Felix and this was his on-line adventuring journal. But then life conspired to take up more of Rick's time and once again I took over running the games. This means that this on-line journal has not been updated in some time. I'm still not sure if we'll ever get back to this campaign or not, so I'm hesitant to remove the blog.

But we'll see.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Temporary Campaign

I'm taking two months off from running the game and Rick is DMing though the end of January. On our first night (played for the most part in person at Rick's), we discovered/learned:

  • The town of Haven was suppose to be filled with gold from the ex-pirate of 300 years ago
  • We indeed did find the town as confirmed by the ship by the name of Good Fortune which is now a pub and it is nothing more than a tiny village of huts
  • The town of Haven is currently being occupied by monstrous spiders who have webbed the place in like a giant circus tent
  • Most of the townsfolk have disappeared - those that haven't are staying behind locked doors - the two elder councilmen have asked for you to rescue the citizens
  • Going to the bunker that the spiders call home you have found a system of caves to the west and to the east - deciding to go west you have found dead (from puncture) human bodies of townfolk, dead (from puncture) mutated spiders, and battled one giant hornet looking creature whose stinger was found in a dead human body of a townsfolk
  • The last explored room on the level has chests and dressers along with a very large giant bug - so we'll start with initiative next week.
Since I'm too busy to DM, I'm probably too busy to keep a proper journal, but I'll see what I can do.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


We still have not gotten back to this campaign yet. We've been pressing on with the Age of Worms 12-part adventure from Dragon Magazine, and since I'm running it I'm not playing Felix.

Hopefully we can return to this campaign at some point, but the DM's wife just had a baby (their third child) so it is doubtful that we will get back to this anytime soon. I'm thinking about saving off this entire blog and deleting it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pressing on with Alternative Campaign

As softball winds down for Rick, we seem to be pressing on with the alternative campaign that I set up. It is the Age of Worms campaign from Dungeon Magazine. We're on about the 10th game and we are keeping up a pretty regular playing schedule so far.

The down side is that old Felix has not seen any action in some time. Not sure when we'll return to this campaign.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Why No Updates?

As softball season starts for Rick's kids, I've taken over running the games and we have started a new campaign. For that reason, Felix is on hiatus. I'm not sure if I'll delete this blog, or just leave it as is until we pick back up with this campaign.