Thursday, September 08, 2005

Elient 18 - Still in the Ruins

Damn Goblins! Talin missed a trap on the door to their domain and we set off some type of alarm. After we opened the door, we were greeted by a 40 foot hallway and goblins at the far end, crouched behind a wall. Aramil took one down immediately with a magic missile, and I ran towards them waving Vera while they loosened their javelins at us. Of course, the sneaky beasts had covered the floor in caltrops as well, so my feet were moderately damaged by my heroic charge. But our aggressive stance paid off as the Goblins retreated before our wrath. After regrouping and clearing the caltrops, we followed them through the door.

Down another hall and through a room they were waiting behind yet another wall with their wicked javelins. Dodging their throws and with javelins bouncing loudly off the stone walls, we valiantly closed in on them and began to pummel them into submission. Talin almost went down, but Chrissy healed him and he was able to re-join the fray. She was also able to heal my feet where those caltrops had worked their way through my boots. In fact, I was leaving bloody footprints everywhere. It looked like some bizarre dance instruction, but bloody. Maybe the dance of the undead!

Tymora smiled upon us, and Torm guided my blade to victory! The goblins were defeated. We pressed forward, but heard sounds behind one of the near doors indicated that a large group was entrenched there, so we backed up into the previous room and opened the other, quiet door, which in turn led to a storage facility. Aramil used a spell to read the barrels. The jerky may have been edible, but no-one wanted to see what “elf pudding” was all about.

On the other side of the storage room was another throne room. Talin sneaked in to see what he could find while I stood by the door, holding my sunrod aloft, peering through the gloom. The room was hazy, and we couldn’t see too far – Talin quickly became lost to me in the fog. While scouting the room, Talin heard lots of goblin chatter on the other side of the door to the south. We therefore decided to retreat to the Kobold lair to rest and re-group.

Just to confuse the goblins, we decided to remove the bodies (left them in room #25) and left the path through the caltrops clear. We finally retreated to kobold territory, reported our deeds, and camped for the night.