Sunday, January 29, 2006

Higharvestide to Marpenoth 4 - Mummy Rot is Bloody Annoying


We went back to town with Talin afflicted by Mummy Rot. Christine could not help him, so we went back to The Magister. He researched the condition for most of the day, but returned that evening to heal Talin. While we were waiting, we purchased a few supplies, such as Sunrods. We collected 30gp for the undead wolves we destroyed, but healing Talin cost us 200gp.

Marpenoth 1

The next morning Christine used her Lesser Restoration spells to fully heal Talin. While The Magister had stopped the rot, the effects would take days to fully dissipate without more magic. We decided to stay close to town today until we all felt better. I was still quite bitter about our defeat at the hands of that vile undead. I swore on my father's life that we would destroy it.

Marpenoth 2

The next morning we left Beldak in town as he was not feeling particularly well. I think it may have been some berries he ate along the trail. He claimed they were safe, but the rest of us were hesitant to believe an Urban Ranger when it came to Rural wild berries, and we all declined his offer. Now he is ill and we are not.

After a horrific battle back at the caves, we destroyed the mummy. It took all of us, and especially Aramil, to be victorious. Aramil has won additional respect in my eyes. I am beginning to see where a wizard will be quite useful as he grows in power. His spells are getting more and more deadly to our foes, and without him we surely would have had to retreat once again. I wished to name him Mummybane but the words do not roll off the tongue. No matter, I will find an appropriate nick name to recognize his significant contributions to the party.

We also found a secret door, but there was noise beyond and we were all significantly injured. Additionally, Talin and I were both infected with the dreadful Mummy rot during the battle so we once again withdrew to town. We were attacked again by undead wolves, but Chrissy drove two away with the power of Tyr and we slaughtered the remaining one.

Back in town I told The Magister to cure Talin first (he could only cure one person per day). We purchased some potions of Cure Light Wounds and then went back to the Inn for the night.

Marpenoth 3

The Magister cured me of the Mummy Rot this day, and Christine took care of removing the last effects of the rot from Talin and myself.

Marpenoth 4

Fully healed and with spells re-loaded, we returned to the cave. Beyond the secret door were 9 zombies. They were no match for the Band of the Hand. We destroyed them easily. We found much treasure, as well as the second-half of the key gem needed to open a door in the room that had contained the Brown Mold.

We returned to that room and placed the gem into the slot. The entire floor gave way and I feel many feet, abruptly having my fall broken by a stone coffin. Talin almost fell but managed to hang on by a fingernail.


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