Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Elient 18 - To The Ruins

The following morning (the 18th) we agreed to sidetrack off to the ruins and we spent a few hours equipping ourselves the merchant'’s facility. Kerowyn explained that we had to register with the Mayor'’s office for a 30 day adventuring license. She fronted the cost of such registration, but we had to provide names, origination, and a charter name. I took a quick poll and "Band of the Hand" was selected - praise to Torm!

Oh, I nearly forgot. The mayor, Vurnor Leng, asked a bunch of questions about my father and my brother, probably looking for juicy noble gossip. I did not hide the truth very well, as I was torn between the teaching of Torm to always tell the truth and the need to protect my family and the Einen name. I'm afraid I did a poor job, and I suspect the mayor didn't believe a single word. Then the mayor explained how Talgen and Sharwyn were part of a larger group to include a paladin of Tyr (Sir Braford), and a ranger (Karakas). Sir Braford was not a local, but he had good credentials and had a magic sword called he called Shatterspike. Now I was quite perturbed. This was not a case of a couple of errant children wandering off and getting lost. This was a well-armed and experienced adventuring party that went to the ruins and did not come back. We will probably just find bodies, but if it sets the merchant's mind at ease then I guess I have served her, and in serving her, served Torm.

So the paperwork was signed and the Band of the Hand received a 30 day adventuring license. Donning my new chainmail and sliding Vera into a new scabbard, we prepared to travel down the old road.

Travel to the ruins was via horseback and took a few hours. Once at the ravine we found an abandoned rope as a way into the ravine - I volunteered to go down first, of course, where I was attacked by the largest rats I had ever seen! After a brief skirmish with these dire rats, the Band of the Hand followed a couple switchbacks down into the earth where the top level of a citadel was buried. Coming down into a courtyard our scount, Talin, did not earn his keep by falling into a pit trap in front of the tower door. Safely negotiating the trap on the second attempt, we entered the tower and proceeded to a dead end upon selecting the southwest direction.

However, I noted that a dragon key of some type was necessary to continue further in that section of the Citadel. We also discovered a secret room with some animated skeletons. Chrissy attempted to turn them, but apparently her faith in Tyr was not to be rewarded this day as she utterly failed. Calling on Torm in my heart, I skillfully moved in with Vera and cut them down, with assistance from the party.

Following the northwest passage proved to be a bit more beneficial. We stumbled upon a weepy Kobold who claimed that the clan mascot - a dragon named Calcryx - was kidnapped by a goblin raid. Finding that we didn't much care for goblins either, Meepo (the weeping Kobold) led us to his leader, Yusdrayl. Yusdrayl offered Aramil two arcane scrolls for the return of the dragon. I, however, noticed a dragon key as part of the throne altar used by Yusdrayl and made an offer to purchase the key aftesuccessfullyly rescuing the dragon. Yudrayl said she'd think about it and told us to take Meepo as our guide. Meepo proceeded to guide us to the front door of the goblins.



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