Thursday, October 06, 2005

Elient 19/20/21

Elient 19 - Vera Spoke!

I did a little training, and suddenly Vera began communicating with me telepathically. It was very odd. She told me that I am "“to fulfill the destiny of my family."” She also communicated some of her abilities, to include the ability to make me stronger three times a day for 60 seconds. Just long enough to crush Goblins! It is an amazing feeling. I always suspected there was something special about my father'’s sword, and now that I am actually wielding her, I know there is! My hope is to remain honorable and true to the Einen name, and use Vera in the defeat of evil and the protection of the weak.

After we returned the dragon, we decided to rest for the night.

Elient 20 - Defeat of the Hobgoblin Chief

We bypassed the area patrolled by the bloated one, and instead we went through the DMZ (after the Kobolds turned their traps off), and entered the goblin'’s watch room. It was empty, so we proceeded across the great hall and through a new door. Eventually, we reached a chamber filled with goblins and hobgoblins! A horrific battle ensured, but we fought so well as a team! We finally managed to work together as a unit, with me holding the door and the team supporting me. With Erky behind me casting buffing spells and ready to heal me, I was unstoppable! I didn'’t even take any damage! And the rest of the party performed flawlessly as well. The Band of the Hand finally felt like a team! And I smote the chief and his whore cleric with Vera! My blade was sharp and true!

Now for the bad news...he told us that he killed one of the party members we are trying to rescue for talking too much. He wore the ring of that felled party member, and it bore the Huerele crest. That means it was the son or daughter of the woman who hired us who was killed.

A mysterious hole was in the center of the room, covered in black vines and leading down out of sight. We suspected that the evil druid may be down there, but at this point we were exhausted so we returned to the Kobold lair to rest again (the smell may be finally getting to me).

Elient 21 -– Down the Rabbit Hole

The next morning we went down the hole in the floor of the Hobgoblin King's room. Climbing down vines we reached a dank, dark chamber under the earth. The chamber was filled with animated twigs and a few skeletons, turning over the earth. They immediately attacked us, but we were victorious. We then proceeded south.


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