Friday, October 14, 2005

Elient 21/22

We continued to penetrate the Druid's level. The Band of the Hand has really begun to function well as a group. Talin is checking the doors for traps and opening locks, I'm charging into the room and holding the goblins back, Chrissy and Urky are using their spells to increase my effectiveness, Aramil is blasting enemies with his spells, and Beldak is actually keeping up with me!

This entire complex seems to be some type of underground garden, with Goblins and Bugbears tending it, we assume in service to the Druid. We had a significant battle with eight goblins who managed to surround Beldak and beat him to unconsciousness. The Band rallied, however, and we defeated them. A couple of healing spells later we were good to return to the Kobold lair for yet another night of rest.

On the 22nd, we continued to run up against some goblins (who I talked into leaving us alone), but we also ran into some bugbears who where much more tough to defeat. But the gods were with us and we defeated them without so much as a scratch.

And Vera is performing flawlessly. I feel more and more powerful wielding her in battle. My father's sword is turning out to be a critical component in the Band's success, as am I. Although I really did not want to lead this group, mainly due to fears of failure based on watching my father's poor judgment over the years, I seem to have moved into a leadership position. The Band seems alright with it, and I do try to continuously seek out their advice, so I guess I have become the leader of the Band of the Hand.

It has also been very nice to have Chrissy around. I forgot how much I enjoy her company in the time she has been away in training. I am very happy to have her with me on this adventure. And I feel we are getting closer to the Druid, and to rescuing the ill-fated party that came before us.


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