Friday, October 28, 2005

Elient 22/23

After the crushing defeat of the Bugbears, we confidently pressed on. Opening the door to the right revealed a room of skeleton servants of the evil druid. After Chrissy invoked the power of Tyr, most of them were destroyed! She is truly and asset to the Band! Me, Talin, and Beldak mopped up the rest of them, with some assistance from the rest of the group. Without pause, we proceeded North through yet another door. There, we met resistance. Three Bugbears were in the room, and they refused my order to stand down. The battle was difficult, and I was forced to call upon Vera's power to increase my strength. We managed to destroy them, but Beldak was critically wounded in the process. Chrissy's and Erky's last healing spells went to just keeping him alive. We were victorious, but exhausted and out of spells by the end of the battle. We were forced to withdraw to the lair of the Kobolds to rest.

Elient 23
Returning to the room of the accursed Bugbears a second time, we took the only remaining door in order to proceed. We found another chamber with some type of shadow creature that attacked Talin. Talin was severely weakened, and Chrissy and Erky worked together and held it at bay by the power of their gods while I ensured that the other exit from the room was clear. We vacated the room with the shadow beast and found ourselves in a room full of scrolls, books, and papers. Fearing the power of the shadowy undead, we pressed forward without a careful search. Next we discovered a set of stairs leading down and under the Bugbear room. They then led back up to a long hallway with 2 doors. Talin was unsuccessful in unlocking the first door, so we tried the second. Some foolish goblins again refused my command to stand down and instead attacked us. We destroyed them and sent their souls to goblin hell! The room appeared to open up to the south, so I decided to have a look....


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