Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Elient 27-30: Caves and Rats and Undead, Oh My!

Elient 27
After our fight with the Undead, we needed to rest. I decided this night that I need to sleep with a sunrod ready in my belt. It takes too long to get it out of my backpack when we are attacked at night. We camped outside with a view of the caves and were attacked by more of those damned undead wolves. Chrissy was severely injured, and we were forced to carry her back to town. We purchased some potions and got her back on her feet, but it was a large delay.

Elient 28
The next morning we returned to the caves, and discovered a secret area with some books on Necromancy and some other treasure. We then fought more beasts (it is all blurring together now), and eventually found a book by the Necromancer we week. The book was written by Stergon (sp?) but the last entry was months ago. We also ran into a coffin filled with Brown Mold, and after a few false starts we figured out how to defeat it. Aramil needed to rest to select the appropriate spells, however, so we decided to sleep in the cave.

Elient 29
Overnight we were attacked by a hoard of rats. We defeated them, and then we tried to stop up their passage. We then took care of the Brown Mold, finding a key hole in the coffin requiring some type of gem to open. We fought another undead, and I got some great armor and a shield off of him. He was no match for Chrissy’s god and the power she wielded held him at bay while we crushed him! We also found one-half of what we believe to be the gem to fit the keyhole in the coffin. Finally, we opened a trap door and began clearing the rubble so we could make our way down the passageway.

Elient 30
We finished the rubble and fought a horrible battle against a Mummy. I let the Band down as I was frozen by the foul thing, as was Chrissy. We had to retreat, but the undead did not follow. Tomorrow we will destroy it. Tomorrow, it will die for the last and final time.


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